If this is Belgium, it must be beer time…

  It’s Belgium, it’s my turn to do a post…it’s about beer 😉 Belgian beers are renowned by beer aficionados as being among the best in the world. In fact, Rick Steves (travel guru) mentioned in an audio tour that there are 3-day weekend beer trips from the North East USA to Belgium, for those…

Art and Inspiration in the Netherlands

Our flight from Berlin to Amsterdam was at the crack of dawn and we were transported from the frenetic electric energy of Germany’s capital to the serene green pastures and beautiful light of Holland.  Our Airbnb in Holland is located in Naarden, about 30 minutes east of Amsterdam so we can enjoy both city and rural…

Biking in Holland

From tandem-riding to babies in buckets, from stand-ups to pile-ups…biking is the way of life in Holland 🙂  

A feast for the eyes in Berlin

A glimpse at some of the art available for viewing in Berlin…from the Berlinische Galerie, to the East Side Gallery and ending with a Street Art tour. So much to feast your eyes on!

Impressions of Berlin

Our airplane tickets were purchased four months ago, and finally, on September 4th, we landed in Berlin to start our journey! We are excited, not too jet-lagged and ready for adventure 😉 Mixed first impressions We have to admit, our first impressions of Berlin were jumbled – though this was probably coloured by jet-lag fog…

Holland here we come!

To prepare for our trip to Amsterdam, we have assembled a few books and movies related to it and some of the other Dutch cities we will visit

8 Ways to Prep for Paris

To get in the mood, prepare ourselves for our trip to Europe, we are trying to read books and see movies set in the different cities we’ll be visiting. Here’s Paris…

The planning is underway

We start in Berlin, then to Amsterdam, then Belgium where we will stay in Ghent and travel to Bruges and Bruxelles. Then we take a train and get settled in Paris for the month of October.

Dream big and go to Europe!

Its been a long time coming this travel dream, ever since our 20s when trekking for months on end to discover and explore at leisure, to taste and smell, to feel a little like a local. Now in our mid-50s we want it all again, and so Doug and I are taking that proverbial plunge!